Adding To A Patient’s Tattoo Art

The patient who received this crown lost part of tooth #20, which is in the lower left quadrant of your mouth, and it needed a crown. Our dental lab is able to create some cool artwork on the crowns they manufacture for us (thanks, Natural Reflections!). The patient already had two other tattooed crowns placed by Dr. Amble several years ago. They were reflections on his family, so he thought he would extend that and add a tattoo of something else important in his life, dogs. This patient has had nine dogs; six of them have been whippets. #20 is a small tooth and he wanted the tattoo to be obviously a paw print so he chose his own artwork and the lab reproduced it on the crown. There is an upcharge for crown tattooing, but just as with a tattoo on your skin, they are as permanent as the teeth. It was a cool way for him to say a private thank you for one of his favorite creatures in life, and Dr. Mulligan was happy to help him do it.