Covid-19 Precautions

Dr. Amble and Dr. Mulligan have always made the dental and overall health of their patients at Grand Avenue Dental their top priority. They, as well as the their staff, are taking the Covid-19 pandemic every bit as seriously as they do everything else about the care of their patients. As required by the CDC and the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry prior to reopening, we developed our own personalized Covid-19 Facility Plan and Respirator Protection Plan. Since reopening, and as we continue on with this ever changing situation, we continue to follow CDC and the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry’s recommendations. Listed below are some of the details from our current facility plan, which is always designed to protect our staff and all the patients that visit our clinic.

General communications:

Patient day-before pre-screening checklist. Because such a high number of Covid-19 positive cases are asymptomatic, we follow CDC guidance in our pre-screening questionnaire.

We continue to ask that staff and patients who are feeling ill, regardless of vaccination status or test results, not come into the office.

Facility modifications:

Hepa-filter fans were added to each room and are used during all procedures in every treatment room

Hand sanitation stations have been added throughout the facility and each person entering the building is asked to clean their hands as they enter

N2O systems have been upgraded for ease of cleaning and sanitation

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Every person that enters the building is required to wear a mask as they enter and keep the mask on until notified by their dental provider that they are ready for them to remove it

All staff members wear masks from the time they enter the building, and all Clinical staff members are wearing clean, sanitized scrubs.

Staff PPE still includes glasses, N95 masks or level 3 masks, gloves, and washable gowns.

 While in life, as with Covid-19, there are no guarantees, we are confident that with our ongoing precautions and adjustments, we are doing everything in our power to keep ourselves and our patients safe. If you have further questions, please feel free to chat with Dr. Mulligan, Dr. Amble, or one of our staff members.