Covid Pandemic – Phase 2

As we move into this next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic where the majority of our patients (and the general population) are fully vaccinated, Dr. Mulligan and Dr. Amble have made some changes to the procedures we have in place for Covid-19. The changes were made with much thought, discussion among ourselves, and review of the current CDC and the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry guidelines. These changes were made with the dental and overall health of staff and patients at Grand Avenue Dental as the top priority.

General communications:

  • While we are no longer required to document daily temperature checks, we continue to make it clear that our staff are required to meet the same level of wellness expectations that we require of our patients. We take great care not to come to work sick.
  • Patient day-before pre-screening checklists and day-of health and wellness checklists continue to be used. Staff follow the same rules as patients
  • We have loosened up on our one-way traffic rule in the office to make communications with our patients easier.

Facility modifications:

  • UVC infrared lights were added to each room and are used to sanitize the entire treatment room at the end of the morning and at the end of the day
  • Hepa-filter fans were added to each room and are used during all procedures in every treatment room
  • A clear consumer shield has been added at the front desk
  • Hand sanitation stations have been added throughout the facility and each person entering the building is asked to clean their hands as they enter
  • N2O systems have been upgraded for ease of cleaning and sanitation

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) changes:

  • Every person that enters the building is required to wear a mask as they enter and keep the mask on until notified by their dental provider that they are ready for them to remove it
  • All staff members wear masks from the time they enter the building and are wearing scrubs (including office staff) which are washed every day
  • Staff PPE now includes head coverings, face shields, glasses, N95 respirator masks that are changed daily, gloves, and disposable or washable gowns (changed for each patient)

Procedural updates:

  • Procedural standards have been changed for aerosolizing and non-aerosolizing dental treatments
  • New upgraded systems are in place for on-line hippa safe forms to avoid a lot of dirty paper floating around
  • Payment systems have been upgraded to allow patients to more easily store payment options for future use

Vaccination updates:

  • We are now seeing a very high percentage of our patients coming in fully vaccinated.
  • Our staff requirement is to be either fully vaccinated by October 1st or be getting a weekly negative Covid-19 PCR test starting August 27th.

While in life, as with Covid-19, there are no guarantees, we are confident that with our changes we are continuing to do everything in our power to keep ourselves and our patients safe. If you have further questions please feel free to chat with Dr. Mulligan, Dr. Amble, or one of our staff members.