Dental X-Rays: ADA Press Release and Dr. Amble’s comments

Many of you have probably heard of, or read, the recent article on the potential of dental x-rays being a contributing factor to certain types of brain tumors. Dr. Amble would like to pass on two things to all of our patients here at Grand Avenue Dental.

The first thing is the ADA press release on dental x-rays that was prepared to help put the article in perspective and also to try to clarify the ADA’s position on x-rays and their use in maximizing your oral health and minimizing the risk of adverse effects. This link is available to anyone through the ADA site. Dr. Amble and Dr. Cashman are both advocates and members of both the ADA and the MDA and highly value  their professional and clinical expertise.

The second thing Dr. Amble wanted to share is his personal clinical strategy regarding x-rays.

“What you need to know about dental x-rays at Grand Avenue Dental:

1. The lead shield is always worn.

2. We use the best technology available, digital radiography, which reduces the time you are exposed by 50%.

3. Your x-ray interval is based on your dental health and needs. We do not have a single prescribed interval.

4. We will always make our best recommendation to you regarding all aspects of your care, and will continue to be respectful of your concerns and decisions with respect to said care.”

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We do not have all the answers and, in fact, the answers are not always black and white, but we are always happy to help you with what we know and how we practice.