Dental X-Rays

When should you have x-rays of your teeth?

At Grand Avenue Dental Dr. Amble has developed an x-ray protocol and interval that is influenced by the needs of individual patients. The interval is ultimately determined by each patient’s dental history, avoiding excessive x-rays while recommending them as needed to provide knowledgeable diagnosis of caries and other dental health issues.

Patient’s dental history is based on their decay rate, periodontal (gum) health and is influenced by other factors in their overall health. If a patient has a low decay rate, healthy gums and Dr. Amble is not monitoring any areas, he may recommend x-rays that give us visual access between teeth, called bite-wings, every two years.

A complete series of films (sometimes referred to as an FMX) is typically done every five to seven years, depending on the above mentioned factors. This complete series of x-rays consists of bite-wings and periapical images. A periapical image shows the entire tooth, including the root(s). These images are used to evaluate roots, bone level and also to detect abscesses or cysts.

Dental x-rays are an essential tool that dentists use to not only diagnosis hidden cavities, but other abnormalities that can otherwise not be seen with just a clinical exam.

Janice, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) with Grand Avenue Dental for twelve years.

For more information on Dental x-rays check out this article from WebMD. By the way, Grand Avenue Dental has been all digital regarding our x-ray systems since 2009.