Dr. Amble’s go-to list of On-line Resources for Medical Information

Have you heard the old adage “just enough information to be dangerous”? Well, sometimes a little bit of mis-information can be even worse.

If you are looking for a couple of well respected health related sites for questions about disease, diagnosis or prescription drugs, here are two of Dr. Amble’s favorites.

“I often start at the Mayo Clinic website for the medical definition of a disease or a diagnosis.”

“For questions about efficacy, primary use, side effects and interactions of drugs, the ideal place to go is the drug manufacture’s own website. However, a lot of drugs have many different manufactures and some of these sites are difficult to sift through. Another option, and I think a reasonable place to start, is a website called PDR Health.”

Making sure that your primary care physician and your general dentist are aware of all of the drugs that you are taking when they treat you is an important part to providing them adequate information to safe guard your well being. If you have questions about what you are being prescribed or why, always make sure you ask.