Patient Contact and Reviews

Dr. Amble moved from DemandForce to Solution Reach for his patient contact system around the first of the year. This is the system that helps us with text and email reminders and gathers survey information. Changing systems is almost always a challenge, especially when the old system you use is really pretty good. We know there is a learning curve, both for us and for our patients, so Dr. Amble does not like to change unless he’s convinced there is a benefit for both sides.

This time, we discussed it as a group and felt that SolutionReach gave us several additional features that people have requested. These added features include:

  • A web based patient portal that let’s you see a portion of your ledger, send secure credit card information for us to run through our credit card system, view past and future appointments, send secure messages to our office, set your own preferences for communications, see newsletters, send and receive secure files (pictures and xrays)…and send memos to yourself (even I haven’t figured out why I would want to do that one…).
  • An iPhone and iPad based patient portal with somewhat less functionality, but that still gives you access to your ledger and appointments.

It also gave us at least one thing we have been looking for, specifically the ability to have a standard phone dialer for automated reminders for people that do not have text or email capability. Dr. Amble has a commitment to having a real person answer the phone rather than a mechanical answering machine, but wanted to see if some of the reminder effort could be off-loaded to a system.

If you would like to know more about the patient portal access please let us know at your next appointment, call or send us an email at info at